StanaCard is now KeKu!

We have changed the name of our service. Plus, we have upgraded it with a simpler website www.keku.com and free iPhone and Android apps making cheap international calling easier than ever.


Important information for our customers:

1. Keep calling like you always have. There is no action you need to take. Our low rates and referral program remain the same. So do your SmartDials, registered phones, billing details, referral ID and more. If you have Auto Recharge set up, this will continue.

2. No need to sign up. Simply login with your StanaCard login email and password.

We’d love to hear from you. Contact us at support@keku.com or Facebook. For more information, click here.


1. On this website get a local number for each of your friends abroad. This local number is free and permanent.

2. Save it in your phone under the friend’s name and call anytime. No need to dial access numbers, pin codes or long international numbers.


Your current carrier will always treat calls to SmartDials as local so you don’t need to pay their high international rates or even buy an international plan.

Our rates are extremely cheap and we never charge any fees – you pay only for the minutes you use.

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